There are many reasons to assume that the future of publishing is bleak. The heyday if corporate book publishing is behind us. Corporate book publishing used to be a huge business. The internet had changed all that. Most corporate book publishers have closed shop because of falling profits. Others are falling behind too. This can be averted by taking some steps. The internet can assist and complement regular corporate book publishing. It does not have to be a death knell for corporate book publishing. The internet should be used to their advantage by corporate book publishers. They should aim to take advantage of it. This can only be possible if they embrace new technologies and take advantage if them.

Taking risks:

Risk averse corporate book publishers will eventually go out of business. Their profits will dwindle, and they will not be able to break even. This has been the trend the world over. This can be reversed if corporate book publishers want to. However, most established corporate book publishers do not care for the future. They are content with the returns they are getting. This is very dismal and cynical state of affairs. They should be looking to expand their business when they are content with the current returns.

Many people depend on corporate book publishers for their livelihood. If corporate book publishers go of business, these people will be affected too. They will have to find work elsewhere. Their families will be affected by the layoffs. This should push corporate book publishers to find solutions to modernise their line of work. With the way things stand, their business model is an obsolete one.

Modernising business models:

As mentioned above, corporate book publishers are not taking their works seriously. Their business model is obsolete and outdated. It is so outdated that it is useless. They should be looking to invest extra efforts into making it useful. Taking it lightly will spell their doom. They should also push their authors to do more.

The internet had affected the attention span of the average person. Now the average persons does not want to consume dense works. The average person wants instant gratification. Delayed gratification had been all but removed from the landscape. Corporate book publishers should recognise this fact and act accordingly. They should tailor their books to the reduced attention span of their here. This requires them to make great books that can be easily consumed.

The marketing efforts:

Mass marketing is another essential tool for being successful as a corporate book publisher. Corporate book publishers should start relying on mass marketing more and more. This will allow them to make the most of the available resources and find the maximum clients. The marketing itself should be modernised too.